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Robert Miller


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Howdy there!

Are you looking for someone who will seize any opportunity to use the word "preantepenultimate" in a sentence?  Well then Robbie is the person for you!  This crazy Pittsburgher is passionate about baking, being a lefty, and studying astrology and tarot in his free time.  Even though his childhood dreams of becoming a LEGO designer did not go as planned, Robbie is still walking around in his quirky scrub tops from Goodwill with a massive smile on his face.  He is always ready to take on a new challenge with his fun socks (while kicking face of course).

Photo Gallery

Man in Chair (The Drowsy Chaperone)
"Dissolution of..." (Chor. Catherine Meredith)
Guard 2 (Parade)
"Look Who's Coming to Dinner" (Chor. Stefanie Batten Bland)
"A Noble Waltz" (Chor. Gregory King)
"You Will Be Found" (Chor. Jennifer Black)
"Collective Graces" (Chor. Amy Hall Garner)
"Dissolution of..." (Chor. Catherine Meredith)
Young Soldier (Parade)
"La La Land" (Chor. Jennifer Black)
"Don't Explain" (Chor. Catherine Meredith)

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